April 28, 2019

Event Begins at the Van Zandt County Courthouse at 1:30 p.m.
Shortly afterwards, the walk to Victory Church will begin.

At 2:30 p.m. the event will begin at Victory Church.

Van Zandt County Courthouse 121 E Dallas St Canton, TX 75103

Victory Church 1200 W College St, Canton, TX 75103

The first March of Remembrance in Van Zandt County was held on the steps of the County Courthouse in Canton in May of 2011. It has continued each year since then with the County Courthouse as the starting point for the march or prayer walk.

This year will mark the 9th consecutive year that Van Zandt County has observed and participated in the March of Remembrance event.

The event will begin with those who want to participate in the prayer walk gathering at the courthouse in Canton at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, April 28th. The march will follow an approximate 1 mile route to Victory Church on College Street where an indoor program will start at 2:30 p.m.

The program will feature pastors, community leaders, elected officials, a Holocaust survivor, Holocaust survivors’ family members, and local students and their teachers.

One of the elements of the program is the lighting of the candles in memory of the 6 million Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust. Almost 2 million of those where children. Additionally, 5 million non-Jews perished in the Holocaust. These are honored with a presentation of flowers.

Simon and Carol Wellner will be in attendance from Roundrock, Texas. Simon and Carol are the son and daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Rose Scott, of Canton, will be a special guest of MoR again this year. As a pre-teen in war-torn Vienna, Austria during WWII, Rose was tortured by the Gestapo on two separate occasions for helping her uncle to feed and hide Jews from the Nazis.

The keynote address will be made by Alexandra Goode, a Holocaust survivor, from Keller, Texas. Although not Jewish, Alexandra was imprisoned as a young girl in Dachau concentration camp because she was the orphaned child of a man the Nazi’s considered politically opposed to their radical regime. She also spent time in a German labor camp where she was used for medical experimentation. You will want to come and here her moving testimony.

Also, winners of the 2019 March of Remembrance student essay contest will be announced and awards will be presented. This is our second year to sponsor an essay contest for 7-8th grade students.

There will be live music by a stringed trio and a student choir. Students will also present interpretive readings of Holocaust writings, and Jewish folk dance will be performed.